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  - 1 Personal Training Session Per Month          - 24 Hour Gym Access  

  - Custom Nutrition Plan                                      - VIP Service

  - 15% Discount in Pro Shop   

  - 4 Child Care Passes   

  - 24 Hour Gym Access

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#5 COMPONENT EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE - This ties all of the components together. We need to determine:

  •  Your level of formal education in program design
  •  Your ability to manipulate the above components to get long term results
  •  Your ability to break plateau
  •  Your comfort level on the workout floor  


Our Gym

Fitness & Development is your team to join if you are looking for a life change in your overall health and fitness. Our gym stands to motivate, educate, and help you reach your health and fitness goals. We believe it does not matter who you are or what stage you are in on your fitness journey. You CAN reach your fitness goals. The F & D team is a power-packed team of fitness professionals with one focus: to affect people’s lives in a positive way. No matter how big, small, long, or short your fitness journey may be, we will be there every step of the way! That is our promise; that is our mission. This is our gym. 

#2 COMPONENT PROPER NUTRITION- This determines 70%-80% of your success. We need to determine:

  • ​ Your daily caloric need
  • Your balance of carbs, fats, and protiens
  •  Your need for supplementaion
  • ​The additional hydration needs

  AD-ON AMENITIES :                            

  -Personal Training                                     -Custom Nutrition         
  -Small Group Training Unlimited               -Small Group Training per Session
  -Childcare Unlimited                                  -Childcare per Visit
  -Pro Shop Buyer Card                               -VIP Service

#3 COMPNENT CARDIOVASULAR HEALTH- This improves your overall health. We need to determine:

  • ​How frequently you should be preforming cardio 
  • How hard you should be working- your target heart rate
  • How long each session should last
  • What type of cardio works best for you

Research shows that nutrition has to be 70-80 percent of your efforts in reaching your fitness goals. We know that it is not just what you eat, but it is when you eat it. For this reason, we have a registered dietitian on staff. We offer nutrition plans that provide exactly what you should be eating, based on your food preferences, and the best times to eat, accommodating your lifestyle.

Our personal training team specializes in the following and many more motivational programs:
Athletic performance
Weight loss
Muscle building
Group fitness
Body pump
Trx training
Bosu training
Tighten 360

Together, our team is motivated to strive to be our best so that we can motivate each client and member of Fitness and Development to be his or her best.

An old Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you fed him for a lifetime.” Fitness and Development believes that this concept also holds true when it comes to health and fitness. We not only want to see you achieve the results you want, but F&D also wants you to maintain those results for the rest of your life. Our programs are built to help you develop a new lifestyle, one that is both sustainable and maintainable.

F&D will be offering many different types of classes. Two examples of the classes we will be offering are nutrition classes that provide you with insight to encourage better ways of eating and fitness classes that provide methods that enhance weight lifting. We want you to see that all of this works together to create a better lifestyle for everyone; it is not just for body builders.

Fitness and Development also offers Personal Training Certification programs for those who are interested in a career in health and fitness. Please email us for more information. 

What We Offer

#1 COMPONENT GOAL SETTING  -  This keeps you focused. We need to determine:                                          

  • ​  Your individual goal.
  •   The time you want to reach it.
  •   Who or what is your support system.
  •   How serious you are about accomplishing it.

#4 COMPONENT RESISTANCE TRAINING - This is the foundation for achieving ANY goal. We need to determine: 

  •  What type of exercises are best for you
  •  How often you should participate in resistance training
  •  How well you understand  proper form and technique
  •  How to prevent injury